Apple iCloud Storage Management

Just upgraded or replaced an Apple device and being prompted that your iCloud storage is full? Read on…

The iCloud is an important safeguard for your Apple device. As well as offering a platform to share data between your devices, it offers an automatic cloud backup service for your device when it’s plugged in, screen is locked and connected to WiFi. A replacement or upgraded device can be quickly set up and all of your data recovered using the iCloud restore option.

Apple iCloud offers only 5Gb of cloud storage for free. Between daily backups, high resolution images and the growing sizes of common applications, most users are outgrowing their free 5Gb offering and looking for other options.

  • 50Gb @ $1.49 per month
  • 200Gb @ $4.49 per month [shareable with others in your Apple Family]
  • 2Tb @ $14.99 per month [shareable with others in your Apple Family]

The fastest way to set up a new iPhone or iPad is to restore the new device from the latest backup of the old device. However, this may cause the new device to prompt you that the iCloud storage is becoming full. Usually this will be due to iCloud holding backups of both the old and the new device.

Regaining iCloud Space After Replacing Devices

Before you decide to upgrade your storage level again, first remove the backup of your previous device. Ensure your new device is set up and has downloaded all of your data before proceeding!

  1. Select SETTINGS
  2. Select YOUR APPLE ID
  3. Select ICLOUD
  5. Select BACKUPS
  6. Select your OLD DEVICE

For users that see both the old and new devices, this process will free up a significant amount of iCloud storage space, and possibly save you from needing to upgrade your storage level.


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