Apple IOS 12 Update

Along with the new iPhone XS, XS Max and XR, September marked the release of IOS12. Current figures out it’s market penetration close to 50% already! This is a very important update, focusing on speed and stability improvements for older devices down to the iPhone 5S- it’ll feel much snappier [unlike some past IOS updates!]

If you need some space to do the update, here are some tricks. Typically this is an issue for owners of the 8GB/16Gb models.

1- Uninstall FaceBook, InstaGram and Snapchat apps, and reinstall them after the update. Typically these apps save A LOT of background data [GBs in cases] and that background data cannot be cleared without an uninstall/reinstall cycle

2- Remove your excess web-based IMAP email accounts. This will regain the space that the inboxes were holding. Again, simply reinstall them after the update.

3- Back your photos up to a computer, iCloud or OneDrive, DELETE them from the phone and remember to empty the RECENTLY DELETED folder to gain the space. Videos, especially, take A LOT of space!

Remember, ensure the NEXT iPhone you get has enough storage! Anything under the 64Gb/128Gb are generally too small, except for basic users. The newer cameras take very high resolution photos and high frame rate/resolution video, and it will chew space very quickly!

Any questions, call Matt on +61402645500

IOS12 is available now, go to SETTINGS->UPDATE on your Apple device.


UPDATE- Apple have just released a 12.0.1 patch update for some users that may have experienced charging issues on XS models.


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