Scam Caller Advice

Please, don’t respond to callers saying they’re from Telstra, Microsoft, Apple or any other internet service provider. Generally they’ll offer a story that your PC/Internet will be cut off as it’s causing a network issue, or it’s been hacked.


I’ve had numerous calls this week from people asking about the legitimacy of these calls, and unfortunately continue to hear stories about people being scammed anywhere from $50-5000 dollars.

Don’t allow any caller to remotely access your PC. There is no way to know what malicious software has been implanted behind the scenes. Depending on the situation, a motherboard flash, format of the hard drive and complete reinstallation of the operating system may be the only way to prevent a hacked PC from phoning home to a hacker behind your back…

Genuine callers will not request payment in iTunes cards, nor will they request the limit of your credit card.

These type of callers are after your personal, credit or banking information and have no link to the company they are pretending to be from.


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