Apps and Personal Data Permissions

Apps and Personal Data Permissions

The Apple IOS and Google Android app store offer many paid and free apps to install on your new device. Many free apps are effectively paid for by the user either through in-app advertising or more concerningly, the collecting and selling of user information.

When installing apps, pay attention to the permissions that the application is asking for. Most app permissions make sense- UBER would need your location, INSTAGRAM would need your camera and FACEBOOK MESSENGER would need your contacts in order to work properly.

The concern comes from seemly simple applications, such as games or surveys, which can exploit those permissions to target advertising or malware directly to your device. Unfortunately, free apps are mostly supported by advertising, and many of the permissions allow personal data collection to make this most effective.

When installing new apps to your phone, always spend an extra minute to read the reviews and make sure it’s from a reputable source. Have a look at the permissions that the app is asking for and make sure you can justify what access to your personal data you’re allowing.


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