Security Essentials- Avoid Getting Hacked

Email Security

  • Be suspicious of every email. Check the SENDER to make sure that Telstra, ATO, MyGov or Apple Invoice is genuine.
  • Don’t open any unexpected attachments, even if you know the sender.
  • Poor grammar and spelling is a good indicator of a fraudulent email.


  • Use a different password for each login- if one thing becomes hacked, everything else is not at risk.
  • Use a password manager- LastPass, 1Pass and the Google Chrome web browser all allow you to create strong, unique passwords, and save these details under a single account login to use on other devices.

Two Factor Authentication

  • If a login offers TFA [Two Factor Authentication] always allow it.
  • This adds another layer of security [commonly an SMS’d confirmation code] in addition to your password.
  • This may save you from account compromise if your password is exposed.

Phone Security

  • Use a PIN code on your phone. Modern phones hold a wealth of personal data, banking applications, photos and emails that need protecting.
  • Avoid pattern-based unlocks as they’re easily guessed. Stick to 6 digit pins, or alphanumeric pins for stronger security 

Keep Up to Date

  • Software updates are vitally important for the security of modern devices and should be applied as soon as they’re available. This applies to phones and tablets as well as Windows PCs and Apple Macs.
  • Hardware also needs to be updated regularly, older devices such as modems and routers are generally much less secure than newer devices.

Back Up Your Data

  • Online backup options such as Apple iCloud or Microsoft OneDrive offer cloud backups in addition to physical backups.

Stay Protected

  • Both Apple and Microsoft offer excellent, inbuilt security options. Both are discussed at length here.
  • Modern, up-to-date operating systems running inbuilt protections generally need no further money spent on third party security products,

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